Residential & Commercial Cleaning

Carrie's Cleaning Service will work with you to schedule the cleaning services you need and to match your budget. Reclaim more of your time and focus on more important tasks while we offer vacuuming, mopping, sanitizing, and many other tasks.
We offer weekly cleanings, every other week, once a month cleanings, move in/move out cleanings, one time cleanings, and party/event before and after cleanings. 
We can clean and maintain any size home or office. We realize as seasons in life change, cleaning needs change. Many of our clients are just starting life with small children and pets and need their entire house cleaned. Others are becoming empty nesters and only need part of the house cleaned on a regular basis, and other parts of the house cleaned as needed. We can customize your cleaning to fit your individual life and needs. We can use environmentally friendly cleaning products along with proven techniques to deliver fresh, clean, beautiful spaces to each of our clients.
Contact us today to find out about other services we offer, how we can help you with your cleaning needs, and to schedule a free in-home or business estimate.
Residential & Commercial Cleaning
It's important that you choose the right level of service to be performed in your home or office.  We always suggest you start with a Top to Bottom cleaning. This ensures that your home gets the thorough cleaning it needs from the start. A maintenance / general cleaning is only recommended if you've had professional cleaning within the last four weeks.

General First Time / One Time Cleaning / Maintenance Cleaning:


Clean shower/tub
Sanitize and wipe outside of toilet and clean inside of bowl
Clean countertops and sinks, wiping/dusting objects on counters
Clean mirror
Empty trash
Wipe all baseboards and window ledges


Clean countertops, wiping all objects on counters
Clean outside of all appliances
Clean inside of microwave
Dust window ledges and objects on them
Clean sink
Empty trash/clean outside of trash can if it is not inside cabinet

Laundry Room

Dust shelves and windows
Wipe outside of appliances
Wipe counters 
Clean sink

Bedroom and Living Areas

Dust all furniture and window ledges 
Dust all knick knacks and pictures sitting on furniture
Make beds/change sheets (if requested)
Tidy/straighten where possible
Clean splashes, handprints, and pet drool off windows and glass doors
Vacuum couch and chair surfaces as needed


Vacuum carpets/rugs and floors

Top to Bottom Cleaning:

Includes everything in a general cleaning plus:
  • Hand wiping wood blinds (but not mini blinds, unless requested)
  • Getting cobwebs down
  • Dusting visible dust off walls
  • Dusting/cleaning (if possible, up to a 2 step ladder) ceiling fans and light fixtures
  • Dusting tops of door ledges, window frames, shower stalls and tile, furniture (when possible, up to a 2 step ladder), and refrigerator
  • Wiping down all doors and light switches
  • Hand wiping wood blinds (but not mini blinds, unless requested)
  • Hand wiping baseboards and wood trim on walls
  • Dusting baseboards and vents behind furniture where possible with a long handled duster
  • Dusting all wall hangings
  • Cleaning all windows that can be reached with a 2 step ladder
  • Wiping down cabinets that can be reached with a 2 step ladder
  • Vacuum under cushions of couches and chairs

Move Out/Move In Cleanings:

Includes all of the items in a general and top to bottom cleaning (where applicable) and:
  • Vacuum/Wipe out cabinets and drawers
  • Clean closets
  • Wipe out refrigerator
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